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Having brought down the environment creation time for Bangalore International Airport Project from three and a half days to 3 hours, all that in one click, I realized that all this was possible due to the magic of "DevOps".

I wanted to share my enthusiasm with a wider group and called for applications for DevOps Enablement program. I also wanted it to be an experiment on how successful it would go with non-Developer or non-tech folks and hence opened it up for people from sales as well. To my amazement, they too were able to pick up these skills easily. Below is the feedback from them on their learning experience.

Below is the Feedback from the attendees of my DevOps Enablement course.

First of all, you are an amazing teacher. I thought I would attend one session, but now I am hooked. Thank you for introducing us to the another side of Ops. In 2 classes you have already managed to answer a lot of questions (cloud, VMs. hypervisors) that have been lingering at the back of our minds. Keep up the good work! I look forward to all the upcoming sessions. 
— Genevieve Miranda

"The DevOps workshop is really helpful for me. The one workshop I attended was interesting. But I need some clarity on wha you covered on first day workshop."
— Vikas Jeevan Suryavanshi

"Venu you Rock - hanks for your time and taking us through DevOps sessions. Its very useful and we learnt new things. Appreciate your effort."
— Nandish D.

Its good know and learn new things compare between VM and cloud thing. It is great help to us to maintenance infrastructure as automate using tools like vagrant, Ansible etc. Interesting to work with Venu.
—Srinivasa Reddy Avula

This training is really helpful for me. Im from Peoplesoft team. This training will help me to learn about how to Automate our infrastructure.
— Prasenjit 

DevOps training initiative is very good and we need more similar like trainings. 
— Sajish

This workshop helping to understand basics of devops. Of devs who need do some automation in project this will definitely help. 
— Gopinath

Awesome and very helpful. Hands on session helped clear the doubts. 
— Debabrata Kumar 

Informative workshop for beginners. 
— Astha Jaiswal 

Great insight and informative sessions, keep up the enthusiasm and good work. 
— Raj Saxena

It seems nice as started learning about the different Infrastructure solutions. Its a great initiative.  
— Shubhamay Das

Great Initiative. — Dixith Kumar

It has been a great initiative having DevOps bootcamp. Having short sessions of couple of hours is what I liked. It's helping me getting to understand many basic concepts that I couldn't due to lack of time while working on our projects.  
 — Nishkarsh

Considering the very diverse set of people is helping a lot.
Running the show with more of interaction is also helping a lot....
— Ramalingam Sangarasubramanian

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