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Take aways from the Phoenix project book

I completed reading the awesome Pheonix project book and as is normal for the lessons to fade away, I might forget all of it as the days go by, but the summary of what I loved the most in this book is

Every work center is made up of four things. 
The machine. 
The man. 
The method. 
And the measures.
 And one more
First way helps us understand how to create fast flow of work from Dev to Ops. 
Second way shows us how to shorten and amplify feedback ... 
Third shows us how to create a culture that simultaneously foster  experimentation, learning from failure and understanding that repetition and practice are the  prerequisites to mastery.

 Even though it was monotonous at times, and this book could have continued to be interesting until the last page if it could be shortened, but it was a great book and helped me to come across the master piece "The Goal" which I am reading now