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Configuration management in OpenStack

"Don't use Chef or Puppet, use the native Heat for Openstack Config management"

this statement from our peer led me to explore and find out that Heat can only be used for orchestration purpose, in that, it can bring up the virtual machines and the underlining support systems that they would need like routers and switches but would not be able to configure the instances that have come up, for this we would need to continue using Chef or Puppet or Ansible.

"Heat primarily manages infrastructure, but the templates integrate well with software configuration management tools such as Puppet and Chef"

Cloud Orchestration is not a replacement for server configuration tools such as Puppet and Chef. They are very complementary. You will continue to use Chef and Puppet to “template-ize” your server software configurations, while Cloud Orchestration and its HOT templates will help you create a full stack that includes all the infrastructure resources required for your stack. Cloud Orchestration allows you to quickly bootstrap your preferred software configuration management solution. With Chef, we have gone several steps further and provided direct support to specify the cookbooks and Berksfile you want deployed.