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Some Google Apps Calendar, having fun with your users!

Several of my users have been reporting issues with their calendar entries and room bookings missing mysteriously, here is a neat and simple trick to see the deleted events or all events that are suppose to be there

just replacing the above three creates a RESTful request which helps us to get an atom feed with *all* the events in the calendar, showdeleted and showhidden parameters are set to true. ==> is the email id or the calendar id of a resource
and the start and end date. 

Crash course on REST from stackoverflow

A website's RESTful is queried to find out information on a user, specified by a numerical ID.
Request Type: GET
Returns, in a format for this example:

{"username" : "theuser",
 "userid"   :  12345,
 "first"    : "George",
 "last"     : "Washington"}