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Technology leader with 20 years of excellence in the digital transformation of rapidly growing businesses. Expert at leveraging the technologies that dictate the future, designing highly efficient processes, and building competent teams. From leading the development and management of mission-critical applications for different industries to migrating legacy systems to the cloud, I've been fortunate to imbibe the nuances of various domains.

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Technology To Business Alignment

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Project Management

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Project Management, Build Competent Teams, Automate Processes and Stive For Excellence

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Strategy Planning, , Performance Optimisation, Service Deliver and Operations, BCP and Risk Management


Technology To Business Alignment, Implementation, Integration, Migration,

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Test Driven Development (TDD), Big-O, Integration and Migration, Security and Compliance


Visionary Stratergies, Strategic Alliances n Partnership, Sales and Marketing, Regulatory Expertise, Governance

Team Building

Building, hiring, and growing large teams of graphically-dispersed members inculcating the culture of commitment, accountability, and shared success.


Simply put whats an API anyway?

API in robotic terms is  application programming interface which ofcourse doesn't make any sense. 

So to understand that in a simple way lets see what is a GUI, again in robotic terms its Graphic User Interface. i.e what ever action you want to take a button or something of the sort could be clicked. Like to close a browser you would take the mouse pointer to the x on the window. 

However if it was the end of your day and you were closing 20 such windows of various apps on your laptop, you know the pain of it. However if you could just automate it! 

Now imagine if there were 2000 such windows to be closed, you would want your computer do something about it but how will you tell your computer on what to do? This is were the APIs come into picture, they are a programatic way of doing manual things on computers. 

Basically APIs are a replacement for GUI if you want to automate a lot of stuff. 


If you are Google apps admin with no LDAP sync and etc and need to create users manually, on a day to day basis, you might be doing the below:-

First open a browser and go to your link, authenticate, go to admin console, then click on Add more users button and 
Select to enter user manually and then get the the fields to enter new user's name.

phew! all this to just reach the screen and what would be the plight if we had to enter 50 users on a given day!
APIs to our rescue!
by simply doing the prilimanaries you can put the below command and have the users created.

gam create user crashtestdummy firstname Crash lastname "Dummy" password "BuckleUp"!

I am late and where was I

I wonder where I was all these days and why did I not blog. And as its human to give excuses, I would say that the companies I worked for never gave me the leisure to either read a blog or post one in peace. But I am going to force myself to share all that I've learnt so far, as this is the best way for me to give back to the internet in my humble what it has given me for more than a decade. 

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“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.... ― Aristotle

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